Reading festival in 6 hours and I cannot sleep

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@Anonymous "2, 3, 4, 8"

2 - I’m 21 

3 - My birthday is the 5th of June 

4 - I don’t believe in zodiac signs so I don’t share it :) 

8 - I’m from Wales, Ireland and England (bit of a mixture) 

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@Anonymous "Hey"

Salaam :)

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Wow I am oblivious

So my uncle let me know something and I was kind of shocked, but his old perception (it changed when I spoke to him alhamdullilah) is that Muslims support ISIS. Wallahi I was shocked that anybody thought we supported that group of murdering cowards, apparently a white british revert went to join them too.. I was just like wow, and I assured him in my eyes they are no kin of mine and that just because they fly the flag of Islam doesn’t mean they represent Islam.

Please anyone reading this who isn’t Muslim and has this perception that we support these terrorists, we don’t wallahi (I swear by Allah) we (and I say we meaning the majority) do not and will not ever support ISIS. 

Our Ummah has seen enough pain, enough dispute, enough war. Whilst this group is killing Muslims, Christians, Jews and Yazidi’s in Iraq our beautiful brothers and sisters are being massacred out in Palestine. So this is to the very small minority who support these cowards, if you are true to Islam, if you are true to Allah give your zakaat, help the poor, defend the defenceless, be good to Orphans, pray your prayers and wake up Islam was not and will never be a religion spread by violence.

Ya ISIS! Do you not read the Qur’an? Surah Baqarah “there is no compulsion in Religion”, by trying to force people to convert to your extreme Wahhabi agenda you are going against the word of Allah. Remember he is aware of what you do, he is Hayyul Qayum  

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reblog if you want anons but in reality no one is going to send you anything and will just reblog this

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Allahu Akbar!!!

I memorised aayutul Kursi. Alhamdullilah! Subhan’Allah! Allahu Akbar!

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"That a white man makes fun of a black man due to his skin color or vice versa, means to make fun of Allah who has created them."

Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani:

(Silsila al-Huda wan Noor 24)

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How can we ask non Muslims to respect us when we don’t even respect each other? What is the point in calling someone kaffir? What is that achieving? How is that helping Islam?

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@Anonymous "63"

My biggest fear in this life is to not have served my family and treated them the way I should. Ya Allah protect me from this insha’Allah

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Ya ukthi, ya habibti (no not meant in the way some may take it (i hate that i have to clarify that because some people talk too much and read to much into things)) I don’t have words in my heart for how much this response has affected me. I’m almost crying! Ya ukthi if there is anything you need that I can provide wallahi I will do my best to provide it! May Allah (swt) bless you and your family forever. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen. Ya Rabb!

Thank you so much! Jazak’Allah Khair :)

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