Any of you guys play league of legends?

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Scottish Referendum


To those fellow residents of Scotland.

What ever you may decide to vote for, please vote.

What ever happens Friday morning will happen and we as a nation will work through it for the improvement of Scotland and the World.

So vote :)

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Why has V for Vendetta not been named film of the century? It’s got to be one of my favourite of all time

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Thank you Berlin for having me, amazing city. Now off to Thorpe park woop

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If you can experience this video in its entirety without being moved, you are as immovable as an immovable object.

just. WOW👌😳

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Well 4 am start off to Germany for 8 days then up to Kent for 5 days then back to Wales. It’s going to be a fun month

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Person 1: I hate white people
Person 2: I hate black people
Person 3: I hate all Asians
Person 4: I hate all Latina's
Person 5: I hate everyone who isn't the same as me
Me: Grow the fuck up, we bleed the same, we eat the same, we piss and shit the same way. Stop hating on the basis of race start hating those who instilled that into you, start hating the corporations who from birth taught you that to be beautiful is to be white like Barbie, hate the corporations who taught you from birth that size zero is desirable and for men having bulging muscles is expected if you want to be attractive. Hate the governments that divided you and made you hate each other, they played and still are playing you like puppets if you all busy hating each other you won't have time to hate those who are destroying all the beauty in this world. The sad thing is even after reading this it won't make a damn difference, you will still go on being the puppets on their strings because the fact of the matter is it is easier to be a puppet than be a puppeteer
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a moment of silence and prayer for 68 innocent women, children and men brutally gunned down in a mosque in Iraq today.


There are no words.

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Reading festival in 6 hours and I cannot sleep

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@Anonymous "2, 3, 4, 8"

2 - I’m 21 

3 - My birthday is the 5th of June 

4 - I don’t believe in zodiac signs so I don’t share it :) 

8 - I’m from Wales, Ireland and England (bit of a mixture) 

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